Archive | October 11, 2011

What should I ask the vegan MPs?

On Monday I head over to Westminster to meet the three vegan Members of the British Parliament.  What do you think I should ask them?

Say in replies to this post, or with the hashtag #VeganMPs on Twitter.

The Pledge: the London Vegan Campaigns challenge to go vegan for a month

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The Pledge

We start our show at the beginning – when folk choose the vegan option. In this case, for a month, challenged and supported by London Vegan Campaigns. I talk to mother Ananthi and middle-aged couple Bryan and Cliff. What challenges will they come across? And will they last the month?

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A very small sneak peek.

This is a small introductory snippet to let folk who get our podcast in iTunes or other podcast readers check that it’s working – and the first hint of our theme tune.