Doctor Who, carnist monsters, and vegan advocacy: the full extended skit

On the day that the BBC announces a new star of Doctor Who, here is the full extended edit of the Doctor Who sketch from the episode “Science Fiction and Animals”.

And now I shall get back to work on the Palm Oil episode.


The skit was written by myself with Sally Beaumont; and performed by Sally Beaumont.

The skit references the Doctor’s acquaintanceship with Vegan miners working on PeladonLeonardo Da Vinci (and his vegetarianism), and (in the extended version) convention 15 of the Shadow Proclamation.

Sally Beaumont is an actor, playwright, and voiceover artist. She has played Ada Lovelace in a BBC documentary and sold Chewbacca a hair dryer in a TV commercial.

Doctor Who is copyright the BBC. The concept is used under fair dealing for the purposes of media criticism.

The Dr Who sketch used freeware sounds “Connecting to Earth” by Philip Bock,  “Giga Core” by Cosmic Dreamer“Crowd Talking” by SoundJay. It also used Tardis, Sonic Screwdriver and Sting sound effects that are copyright BBC, and used without permission. I am grateful to the BBC’s tolerant attitude to unauthorised work, make no challenge to the BBC’s copyright, and will remove those sound effects if the BBC requests.

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About Ian McDonald

I'm a British new media person with a passion for radio, and interested in the kind of stories best told when we see humans as part of the world of animal minds. I blogged about why I'm producing The Vegan Option.

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