Trailer: really interesting radio that just happens to be vegan

This audio trailer uses iTunes reviews and clips to show in two minutes why The Vegan Option is worth listening to. (Thank you to the many who have reviewed the show at their podcast provider!) Please consider sharing.

If you can see this, you’re probably missing out on Vegetarianism: The Story So Far

The great new series “Vegetarianism: The Story So Far” needs a more flexible website to help bring history to life. So has moved to new servers. If you keep up to date by following on reader, then those won’t work any more.

You have plenty of ways to keep up to date – email notifications, RSS feed readers, and of course your podcast provider of choice. Even listening to an actual radio receiver if you happen to live in London, UK.

All of those will work. The web address is the same. I’m pretty sure that they will work so well that readers won’t even notice the change. The only exception – I think – will be the people who see this on the WordPress reader.

So please look at the website. Starting on Jan 25, every month, there’ll be a new episode in the history of vegetarianism. I’ve been to India and stood where people have been arguing against meat-eating for over 2000 years. I’ve seen vegan shoes from post-Revolutionary America. And I’m bringing that to you.

Ten Days to Launch!

“Vegetarianism: The Story So Far” Update #17 on
(Updates #15 and #16 were only visible to backers on Kickstarter.)

What the 2015 UK Election means for Animals

When the UK elected a new parliament last week, voters confounded all the pundits (including me) who had trusted the polls. Two of the three vegan MPs lost their seats. Three other other animal advocates lost seats in the collapse of the Liberal Democrats (the former minority government party). The new Conservative majority government is planning a vote to repeal the ban on foxhunting. Meanwhile, the tiny “Animal Welfare Party” expanded their profile and vote share.

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A UK Election Night Guide for Vegans

The UK goes to the polls on May 7th to elect a new House of Commons, and staying up to watch the results come on on Friday morning is part of the fun. Read More…